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New Graphene Ceramic Coating


Graphene Ceramic Coatings are the game changer for the premium automotive coating industry.  Adam's Graphene Ceramic Coating is available in a 7+ year coating available for professional application or for retail sale, a 1+ year Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and a Pro Graphene Ceramic Coating for application by Adam's Polishes Certified Detailers only.


The Adam's Graphene Ceramic Coating has higher gloss, is more flexible and tougher than traditional ceramic coatings, less prone to spotting and more hydrophobic with a lower sliding angle than traditional ceramic coatings.


Unlike other high end ceramic coatings requiring multiple layer applications to achieve durability, the new Adam's Professional Graphene Coating is applied in a single layer making it easier and more consistent coverage.


The professional and retail coating utilizes the Adam's patented UV technology allowing the person applying the coating to inspect the coating during and after application for better results.

Detailing Tech Sessions


Many car enthusiasts would rather learn how to do their car detailing and car care themselves than pay shops to do the work for them.  For those who attend car shows there is often a deep satisfaction when they win awards knowing they did it themselves instead of just entering a professionally done car.


Our hands on sessions, either at our Shine Shop for car clubs or at various shows we attend continue to be a highly requested and popular item.  Feedback from previous sessions confirms how much those attending gain from the sessions.  As much as we have invested in our cars, who doesn't want to learn better or faster ways to care for them.


Paint correction is one area people are often discouraged from attempting by detail shops who tell customers this is for professionally trained "experts" only.  At tech sessions on this topic we can provide group instruction and individual hands on experience so this is no longer an intimidating task to take on yourself!  We have the equipment and supplies you need to join thousands of other car enthusiasts who do this themselves with Adam's Premium Car Care Products.


Call or email to schedule your group's session.



Tulsa Tuesday Cruise Night

We regularly attend the cruise night held every Tuesday during daylight savings time in the spacious lot behind Bill and Ruths on the NW corner of 71st and 193rd E Ave in Broken Arrow.  Look for the black canopy with the Adam's Logo on it!